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Sci-Fi by foureyes Sci-Fi by foureyes

...Sometimes I dream Sci-Fi colors.

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RonanIreland Featured By Owner Jan 28, 2013  Student General Artist
Wow. This piece is awesome. The bright warm reds and yellows really get the feel of the retro artwork on books and sci fi movies. I really appreciate the traditional sci fi artwork I may find, and this is no exception. I know it's such a small thing but I really like the outside world and the ships in this one.
DomLS Featured By Owner Jan 16, 2013  Student Digital Artist
I love this
Jsvn Featured By Owner Dec 29, 2012
sweet! this would make a great poster
Alwoody691 Featured By Owner May 22, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
I like this mate , I do utopia settings too and you've done an excellent job here :D
Spacer63 Featured By Owner May 25, 2011   Writer
I love the 70's "Logan's Run" feel to this......great image!
Appleblossom2delta Featured By Owner Aug 2, 2010
I loooove the colors - so cool.
grindingisavirtue Featured By Owner Jun 16, 2009 seems you've got some inspiration from te late 70's sci fi interior perspectives. nice
lientie Featured By Owner Mar 22, 2009  Student General Artist
So awesome! Kind of looks like the citadel off mass effect...
PHUZface1 Featured By Owner Oct 14, 2008  Professional Artist
donGbO Featured By Owner Jul 5, 2007
cool colors
PhoenixZydeco Featured By Owner Aug 16, 2004   Filmographer
such strong lines throughout the composition. Spectacular!
saltandpepper Featured By Owner May 5, 2004
it's certainly got the sci-fi feeling to it.

you know sometimes on tv, tey show those old comics, made up of lots of little coloured dots?

this reminds me of that.

seems very alienish and retro, but strangely futuristic.

interesting capture. :hug:
geof Featured By Owner Aug 6, 2003
Love this. Looks like it was taken straight out of a science fiction movie from the 70's or something. Nice work!
lordjax Featured By Owner May 15, 2003
Great colors, the yellows and blues look really pretty.
littlereddevil Featured By Owner Apr 25, 2003
Wicked colours in this one, the shapes and lines going through this are soo cool, great job!
roxby Featured By Owner Mar 31, 2003  Professional Traditional Artist
it makes me smile
i dont know how you did it, i wish i could
your amazing
hesitation Featured By Owner Mar 1, 2003  Hobbyist Photographer
Love it with all my heart. The color, composition.
All great.
back2mine Featured By Owner Feb 28, 2003
very techno :) (Smile)
great colours.

thesushiking Featured By Owner Feb 27, 2003  Professional Filmographer
pretty precise manip. the colors are great yada yada......on the real, the things that attract me to this piece, are the lines and the chaos they create..looks like weird propoganda, fun stuff. my only complaint, is the figure is a little bit rough cut...but all in all its a pretty cohesive peice as far as color balance is concerned..
sixhours Featured By Owner Feb 27, 2003   Photographer
Awesome colors. Nod
scotto Featured By Owner Feb 27, 2003   Photographer
Great shot, I think the origional colours would look better. It's really dynamic, and the angle you chose is excellent for that environment. thanks for sharing it. :D (Big Grin)
aural-autumn Featured By Owner Feb 27, 2003
I like the angle and I like the subject of the pic, but the colors make it seem unrealistic and I think that is what you were looking for. I love you and your work, but this type is not what I like the best. Later, tif
simba Featured By Owner Feb 27, 2003
Incredible color. I love this one. :) (Smile)
teemoh Featured By Owner Feb 27, 2003
me likes! great colors and i like how all the converging railings sort of meet in the center.
kerygma Featured By Owner Feb 27, 2003   Photographer
Incredible depth my friend, and of course, the architecture speaks for itself, wicked geometry :) (Smile)
acmax Featured By Owner Feb 27, 2003
Wow, awesome photo. Reminds me of of old pulp sci-fi mags, and I'm guessing that's what you were going for. Great work.
Virtu-Imagery Featured By Owner Feb 27, 2003  Hobbyist Photographer
Awesome photo!
This RocksHeadbang!
kase9 Featured By Owner Feb 27, 2003
very cool colors, a little high on contrast but very cool.
devildevine Featured By Owner Feb 27, 2003
Love the colours ^^ Great stuff ^^
maxpower Featured By Owner Feb 27, 2003
aha! i know where this is!!! galleria.. i was born in kingwood and we have one in dallas--- but.. the difference between you and me is this: i see the galleria.. and i see washed up old geezer of a mall from the '80's... yoiu see the galleria and see this incredible sci-fi spaceport thing... awesome... i really love the angles as it gives the "sci-fi" mecahnical thing you seem to be going for here.. it really does look like a spaceport to me :D (Big Grin) great colors and light,too... u are incredible at photography-- maybe i'll learn some stuff from you... O_o
skepeffe Featured By Owner Feb 27, 2003
sort of neat looking. almost like a cartoon. nice style. :) (Smile)
buildingclimber Featured By Owner Feb 27, 2003
Wow..! where is this ..?? very surreal looking . great colors.
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