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Silent Words by foureyes Silent Words by foureyes
...A conversation of silent words.
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deviouslydeviantart Featured By Owner Dec 6, 2007
I can't say I really love this....because it kinda reminded me of my breakup. It has a nice touch though. The blurry effect gave it a bit of Anonymousity.
sana-k Featured By Owner Aug 4, 2007   Photographer
woooow more than amazing!
vremeuz Featured By Owner Oct 26, 2006
great mood of the pic, the blue really adds to to the silent effect ... and blureed figures ... beutifull.
garethjenkins Featured By Owner Sep 24, 2006   Photographer
This is a super piece of work - what did you shoot it with?
scotthosner Featured By Owner Jan 27, 2006   Photographer
Great image.
tainted-blush Featured By Owner May 22, 2005
I love this.. For me, it almost implies there's no need for words. It seems really raw and surreal, but solid at the same time -- inside is warm, and they fend off the cold, blue outside together. You're definitely being devwatched.. Your work is incredible.
Nichols Featured By Owner May 12, 2005   Photographer
It's so interesting for me to look at your older stuff and see how you have progressed as a photographer. It's refreshing work! I love this, it's so raw. :thumbsup:
valhalla-vania Featured By Owner Dec 12, 2004
Looking at it gives me a deja vu feeling. I can't explain it, but the colours come on so strong to me. It evokes a feeling of long forgotten memories of dreams.
Takouviski Featured By Owner Jun 1, 2004
Brilliant concept and contrast... =D
pastpluto Featured By Owner Oct 7, 2003
wow... the blue and red contrast is phenomenal... reminds me of a painting i own. bravo.

the only thing that bothers me is that women's butt...

it..scares me a little...
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