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the lady in a red dress by foureyes the lady in a red dress by foureyes
The neon iluminated freeways of Shanghai,
provably the most modern city I've visited in China,
at night the urban landscape looks a bit like a scene out the movie 'Bladerunner'.

thank you very much for taking the time to view these China pics,
your comments are always appreciated.

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sametimenxtyr Featured By Owner Jun 19, 2009
linkhero55 Featured By Owner Jun 15, 2009
ora ora ora ora O_O
PringlesKing Featured By Owner Jun 1, 2008
looks like the streets of I, Robot. Impressive!
LeaHenning Featured By Owner Mar 23, 2008  Student Photographer
Your image was featured in a news article showcasing beautiful squares :heart:
To get more people to see it, you may want to add this article to your favorites-
In any way,it was a pleasure to include your work in this selection :bow:
TheMafiaQueen Featured By Owner Dec 15, 2007
seems like it was taken in a dream
F-images Featured By Owner Nov 2, 2007
Brilliant capture, makes me want to go there :)
shinykida Featured By Owner Sep 13, 2007
Featured :D : [link]
jynxpup Featured By Owner Aug 14, 2007  Hobbyist Photographer
The woman in red is Heather Marks.
Wonderful, wonderful photo. Your entire gallery is stunning!
bee-nana Featured By Owner Jun 25, 2007   Photographer

This fabulous piece has been featured in My Journal
If you would rather not be included, please note me and I will remove it. :D
FuNkYeRD Featured By Owner Jun 4, 2007  Professional General Artist
Nice... I love it how the blue color reflects under the upper deck...
GREAT WORK... fav'd it
dust-digital Featured By Owner Jun 2, 2007
yep.. it's a :+fav:
great find my friend :clap:
AndersIglum Featured By Owner Mar 26, 2007   Photographer
I drive past this highway like every day :) nice picture. this is a huaihai road i think.
Timmmo Featured By Owner Nov 24, 2006
I love all of your long exposure type shots!
This is another wonderful piece
fiolka121 Featured By Owner Oct 22, 2006
guipatto Featured By Owner Aug 28, 2006
beautiful shot :+fav:
lost--beauty Featured By Owner Aug 16, 2006
:+fav: I love this so much, particularly the colour! Shame it's not a print, though.. =(
SweetNightmaresDear Featured By Owner Aug 4, 2006
For some reason, this makes me think of Blade Runner...
lisun Featured By Owner Aug 4, 2006
i live in Australia, come from Shanghai and i am studying 'blade runner' for my final highschool exam ;p what a great piece, i absolutely love the colours, especially the red and the blue/purple they look so good together. Not sure if i've actually been to this place in Shanghai, doesn't look familiar to me =\ Anyway Shanghai's just great for shopping ;p

great job! looking forward to seeing more from you :)
singinginsilence Featured By Owner Aug 2, 2006   Writer
beautiful colors

I love the title, really points out the woman on the billboard

wonderful concept
pickupjojo Featured By Owner Aug 1, 2006  Professional Interface Designer
I love those colors ! :)
larenia Featured By Owner Jul 24, 2006
stargazingdreamer Featured By Owner Jul 22, 2006
wow it seems almost unreal. ^^ nice job
CatDesires Featured By Owner Jul 22, 2006
Just by looking at this photo I know I got a whole lot to learn about photography. Great Photograph. Me likes!
jankolling Featured By Owner May 3, 2006
Outstanding Quality and that goes for your Complete Portfolio!!
couleur Featured By Owner Apr 5, 2006
they just love to light up the whole city
jnorion Featured By Owner Mar 31, 2006  Hobbyist Digital Artist
This is a great photo! I love the color and composition.
europeanartclub Featured By Owner Mar 29, 2006
fantastic ...shanghai night vision ;]
SterlingStrunks Featured By Owner Feb 18, 2006
awesome snap, I like the light and will be my fav.
AYCICEGI87 Featured By Owner Feb 7, 2006   Interface Designer
great great great :clap:


my :gallery: [link]
focustnv Featured By Owner Feb 5, 2006
this is a wonderful sense of what you experienced.

a striking image!

Vector712 Featured By Owner Jan 31, 2006
I really like one turned out, the color and composition are really special. Where did you take this photo from?
CharacterAssassin Featured By Owner Jan 26, 2006
This is incrediblely surreal.
Nice work.
Jumpsuit Featured By Owner Jan 18, 2006
thats my type of photo, I want this for my wall.
swallowingwords Featured By Owner Jan 11, 2006
I common idea made unique. You've utilized repetition of color well in this shot.
elflling Featured By Owner Dec 31, 2005
As a Shanghainese I felt really astonished that my city actually looks so beautiful behind your lens... After seeing this pic I went out to the street (Yan An Avenue) that you took this photo and stayed there for a while to appreciated the enviroment again. These are so familar places that I forgot it is actually so beautiful... Thank you for taking all these wonderful photos to awake the hearts that become indifferent because of familiarity...

The lighting in your photos are incredibly vivid and lively... It does not look like a photo at all. The whole enviroment is flashing out on the screen through your lens...
saintxio Featured By Owner Dec 30, 2005
This is absolutely beautiful. I love the purple streaks and red combo. You got a good eye.. makes me want to visit Shanghai.
IwannabePollyJean Featured By Owner Nov 28, 2005
oh!! you went to Shanghai???? ummm I envies you!!! Very beautiful photo...
one question, what camera you use?? I see it in the information, a Canon Eos 20 D, isn't it? But I have a doubt... you crop the image then to make it like a medium format shot?
guillaumichaud Featured By Owner Nov 27, 2005
Nice urban shot.
phraseology Featured By Owner Nov 8, 2005
I've been trying to get a shot like this in town at night but I don't have a tri pod yet so it's hard for me to get one. I envy you for not only being able to go to China but to get shots like this. Very nice
threefiftydee Featured By Owner Oct 6, 2005
Love those colors...
gloribear Featured By Owner Sep 23, 2005
night shots are so much harder to capture, but this picture that you've taken is so bright and sharp. great job!
crisiii Featured By Owner Sep 18, 2005
this looks amazing
i wanna go there someday :)
Nyctophobia Featured By Owner Jul 23, 2005
I can see the 'blade runner' feeling in this. It kind of illistrates the intense and extreme pace of modern life. And that we don't really have time anymore to stop and look at the finer thing. Smell the roses if you will. The focus of the girl in the red dress contrasted to the blurred hurry of everything else is almost metaphoric.

Also reminds me of the 'woman in the red dress' from the matrix. Remember that? How she was like temptation, unreal. I think that's why I like this so much.

It says so many things. :) :+fave:
DemonHearts Featured By Owner Jul 22, 2005
This is a GORGEOUS photo! Very nicely angled, and the colors are magnificent! I adore this! Instant :+fav:! =D :+favlove: :+favlove: :+favlove: :heart: :heart: :heart:

Keep up the awesome work!

agateway Featured By Owner Jul 12, 2005
This shot is very good ! This city seems very amazing !
BlueLiquorice Featured By Owner Jul 5, 2005  Hobbyist Photographer
tasty colors
arrehnius Featured By Owner Jun 11, 2005   Photographer
stunted with all your work just magical...
scorpiodesign Featured By Owner Jun 8, 2005
Gorgeous saturation and composition
ComaBlue Featured By Owner Jun 7, 2005
heh, bladerunner... it's true. i don't know what i can say that no one else has already... i love the neon colors and how vibrant they are. looks very futuristic.
AdamFaj Featured By Owner May 25, 2005   Photographer
Out Standing, the red expouser is a perfect fit for the name as well as the poster. Perfect Shot :+favlove:
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